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Introducing the Greens Seasoning from Rosamae Seasonings, the best way to give your green vegetables (or any veggies for that matter) that hit of southern love that will take them into a new flavor dimension. Made with only the best premium herbs and spices go into this mix, which imparts a stunning smokehouse savoriness to all your classic soul food greens. 

Whether you’re frying up some cabbage,  roasting some Brussels sprouts, using green beans for a casserole, or just cooking up some collards and mustard greens, you’ll be blown away by the delicious flavors that this seasoning gets out of your veggies. Made without MSG, this is a natural spice and herb mix that still packs a powerful punch. 

Best of all, this seasoning is made to last. You won’t believe the delicious results you get from a single pinch. Although, you’ll love the taste so much that those pinches will be coming out at a rapid pace. 

We call it soul food for a reason - because it comes from the soul, and that’s exactly what we’ve tried to channel with this seasoning mix. Put a little more soul into your greens when you choose this Greens Seasoning from Rosamae!

  • PERFECT VEGETABLE SEASONING: Our veggie seasoning herb and spice mix is a perfect blend of premium ingredients, designed to kick your vegetables into fifth gear! Our Greens Seasoning is packed with flavor, and has everything that will make your vegetables taste tantalizing.
  • JUST A PINCH: One of the handiest things about this southern food seasoning mix is that a little sure does go a very long way, meaning you can elevate your dishes with just a pinch at a time. Soul food is built upon seasoning, which is why we make sure that our seasonings really pack a punch.
  • NO MSG: These days, there are plenty of choices that you can use as a salt substitute to pack flavor into vegetable dishes, but a lot of them are loaded with additives like MSG. Our vegetable seasoning mix is made from only the best ingredients, without ever resorting to MSG.
  • SMOKEY FLAVOR: You can trust Rosamae as your go-to roasted and grilled veggie seasoning, perfectly imparting a smokey and savory flavor into your favorite veg kebab recipes. Rub or sprinkle this seasoning when frying, roasting, or grilling veggies and get the taste of fire back in your belly.
  •  COLLARD GREENS & MORE: Being a greens seasoning, it only makes sense that this mix works perfectly with a variety of classic soul food veggies. This mix is best used with veggies like collard greens, mustard greens, cabbage, green beans, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and more.

Ingredients: Coarse sea salt, sugar, onion, garlic, black pepper, jalapeno pepper, red bell pepper, apple cider vinegar powder( maltodextrin, apple cider vinegar ,food starch-modified), hickory smoke powder(barley malt flour, natural hickory smoke flavor)


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